then comes baby Meet Rachel & Jeremy. They're crazy in love with each other, their first home together in Indianapolis, and their sweet and sassy baby girl, Camila, born 11/19/12.

This blog operates as a way to document our past (for posterity's sake, but be our guest if you should like to wander around): first came love, then came marriage... and everything else that has led us to this point.
  1. Monon Community Center indoor aquatic park. 

    Camila was invited to a 5 year old’s birthday party. She had an amazing time, even if the water was too cold. I sent a couple images of Camila in just her Charlie Banana to the company in exchange for cloth diaper spending money. Can’t pass up an opportunity like that! :-)

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  2. and later.

    I’m working on my March goals, which center around my physical therapy. Each month this year, I’ve decided to focus on a unique task. January was cutting out gluten and sugar and cheese and alcohol and everything fun that makes me not feel well. I did awesome. February was about taking care of my skin. I got a couple facials done before Mexico and scheduled a couple more, mostly working on resurfacing (think very light chemical peels) and bringing balance to my skin. I bought some facial products, too, to further encourage positive results.

    I’ve been going to a pelvic floor physical therapist for a couple months now because my tailbone still aches when I sit on hard surfaces (car seats, wooden chairs, the floor). It started doing so at the end of my pregnancy and my childbirth made it worse. It’s not a terrible problem, but in more than a year, I saw no relief, so I got a referral and have been really encouraged by the process thus far.

    Basically, my tailbone is off balance and shifts a little to one side. My PT thinks my hyperflexibiity on just that side contributes to it, as did my asymmetrical birthing position. Beyond that, my tailbone curves inward, which is the main problem; that’s what makes sitting so painful. Hence, the goal of therapy is to bring balance to the area and restore the bone’s natural positioning. But enough about my rear end, right?

    April might be the month I work on waxing, which seems silly, but I seriously hate shaving and would love to get to the point where frequent waxing means I don’t have to shave all summer. Or I could work on dental goals- brushing fastidiously after every meal and flossing at least once a day, and visiting the dentist. We don’t have dental insurance, so whereas I used to wonder why people didn’t go in for semiannual appointments, I totally understand. It’s so expensive out of pocket, even for a simple checkup! 


    Jeremy and I are trying to work out our travel goals for this year. We obviously just returned from a major vacation in Mexico, but we’re always looking for new adventures. Portland and the PCH road trip next month just won’t work out because we realized the dates for the film festival fall over Easter weekend. That’s a major holiday for our family, so we want to be home with Camila. We have a wedding in Atlanta in June, and a short trip to Louisville to meet a woman I was once a caregiver for in Los Angeles, but no major summer plans just yet. It feels weird, but the possibilities are endless.


    Jeremy is super excited to get his custom cargo bike back from the shop. After a couple years of frame building and rebuilding (there’s a lot of meticulous engineering that goes into perfecting a custom build), then painting and polishing, and a few weeks with the best bike constructor in town (oh, geez, Jeremy is going to make fun of me, but I don’t know the title of the guy who puts stuff together on bikes), and his bike is nearing completion. Jeremy’s dad will build the cargo box once the bike is back, and once the two are put together, I’m sure I will never see my husband nor daughter again.

    At least I have a say in what Camila’s bicycle helmet will look like. And I guess I’ll be responsible for adding a rider onto our home insurance, since this bike is going to worth more than everything we own (and you’d think my life, if you hear Jeremy talk). Seriously, though, I’m super stoked for this thing to arrive. I’ve been guaranteed a ride in the box myself!

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  3. camila: 16 months.


    You were taken to the pediatrician’s office twice this month (lucky you- you love it there, and the entire office staff is absolutely crazy about you), once for a sick visit, once for a nurse visit for vaccinations. 

    You came down with a very bad cold as we were leaving Mexico. We thought your dad gave it to you, but wherever it was from, both you and I got it far worse. Sorry, girl. Restless sleep because of stuffy, super runny noses, sore throats, tons of painful coughing, high to mid grade fevers. And yours lasted two weeks! It was your very first illness (first time being sick for longer than a day, really). 


    You have another molar that cut through- a top molar. You’re still missing a lower lateral incisor, so you have three teeth visible on bottom (with one lower molar on your left side), and four visible teeth on top (with that new molar also on the left side). Nine total.

    You’ve been a very high spirited baby for a long time (never one to sit still and just sweetly stare at people), but now you’re a high spirited toddler, and that means your fussiness and your outbursts are as vocal and loud as your playful, sweet moments. You can go from cheesy grins to yelling and arm swatting in a half second and back again. We are really working on calmly and firmly guiding you toward more acceptable behaviors.


    I, unfortunately, am the target of many of these outbursts. I am afraid this is a phase of yours we are entering into, one where I am certainly not the favorite parent. It’s very difficult to have you fuss and throw your arms out for your dad when I pick you up, only to stop when he takes you from me. I hope this doesn’t last long. (I really hope that your sickness has a lot to do with it.)


    I would never change your personality, though, even for all the vocal and/or physical assertiveness. You are amazing around strangers, other moms in particular. At the Children’s Museum, one of your favorite games is to bring other moms random toys and objects, grinning as you do so. You love the attention you get, and if I don’t stop you, you often try to climb up on them for hugs or to be carried.

    You do the same for older children as well (on vacation, there a was a young girl who, ever time you spotted, you’d walk over and “ask” to be picked up), although you’re sometimes a little leery of other babies. You play nicely (we always remind you to be gentle), but because “sharing” is a tricky concept, it’s not unusual for you to steal toys form those babies… and then walk those toys over to the babies’ parents. 


    Cognitively, your skills bloomed in Mexico. I feel your dad’s super silly style of teaching is more suited to your style of learning because you always break out new tricks around him. Again, I’m a little sad and neglected-feeling, but I am so happy you have two great parents. 

    You finally, finally started clapping in Mexico, you give high fives all the time, and we also saw you learn to stack cups, sort shapes, point to various body parts on yourself and on other people’s faces, and repeat letters of the alphabet. You throw things intentionally now, and you do very well at climbing. You sign the word for “all done” and say the word “done” now, and when we say “chew, chew”, you always chomp your teeth. You mimic our actions sometimes, like trying to blow your nose (because that’s all I did for weeks when we were sick). And you’re showing more signs of empathy, with kissing and hugging and loving on your stuffed animals (both by obeying our requests and on your own). 


    Another exciting milestone is just realizing that you understand our words much more than ever before. You know what certain toys are and will bring those to us when we ask. If we say banana, you head will turn to the counter where we store that fruit. If we ask you to bring us your dinosaurs, you’ll load up your arms and walk them all over. And if we say Owlie, you will go searching everywhere for your favorite lovie. 

    Your new words this month include “done”, “okay”, “play”, “banana”, and “whoa” and “wow” (which you string together, like “wowwowwowwowwow”). Of course, you don’t use these words all correctly or often, but we know your mind is making sense of so much more than ever before. Your favorite word remains “cat”, which you say every time you see Christopher.

    As for being a self-asserting toddler, we have started giving you choices. Pink spoon or green? Red diaper or yellow diaper? Dinosaur book or hippo book? You especially love choosing your diapers- you always grin after making your selection. 


    You drink coconut, almond, and soy milk, and since being sick and traveling, we give you slightly diluted 100% fruit/veggie juice and sometimes just water. We definitely need to practice giving you more open cups of liquid as well as more utensils to work with. You are seriously the messiest baby I have ever seen though!

    You started showing signs of pickiness in Mexico, flat out refusing entire food groups at times. You always want fruit, but everything else seems hit or miss. I think it has as much to do with being sick as it does being a toddler. Your pediatrician isn’t concerned because you are still gaining weight and drinking everything well. And you and your Dada walked over for your first frozen yogurt- you loved that! (After you were feeling better, you went back to eating everything- yay!)


    On vacation, it took a few days before we realized that your schedule was going to require two naps again with a shorter (10-11 hour) overnight. After we implemented that, you started sleeping through the night again, although Grammy found out just how noisy a sleeper you can be! 

    Once home, your sickness hit hard. After we started giving you medication, you were able to fall asleep better (believe me, I had the same troubles breathing at night and chocking on nasal drainage… ick). Some nights you slept SO long- like until after noon! There was one day you slept until 1pm, stayed awake from 1-3, then took a nap until 6:30pm (we had to wake you up from it) before going back to bed at 9pm. Daylight saving time didn’t affect us during this time. Some days you still are put down for two naps, but it depends on how much sleep you’ve gotten overnight. 


    You rode in strollers so few times over winter that I think you’ve started liking them again! I’m so glad because I foresee many more walks around the neighborhood as well as splash park trips this summer! We still carry you in our arms on every short trip, though. You don’t love walking on sand or rocky gravel (our driveway), only solid floors or sidewalks. Oh, and you’re climbing our stairs outside our house!

    Your favorites? Books! Sandra Boynton, Dinosaur Train, Disney’s “It’s a Small World” series, Dr. Seuss. You adore your Disney princess figurines, slides and swings, ripping paper, your magnets, my makeup bag, the drawers in the bathroom, laundry baskets (really anything you can empty out). And of course, Owlie. 


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  4. now.

    Day 16 of being sick, and I am finally feeling like I can rejoin the land of the living. Or at least the land of the people who don’t walk around with kleenexes falling out of their shirts and eyes glazed over from Nyquil and aspirin. 

    Camila has been better for a few days, which is wonderful news because it was completely miserable seeing her sick. At her worst, before we started giving her infant Advil, I was crying at night because she literally could not sleep with the fevers and the congestion and the coughing. We got a new humidifer and put a pillow under her crib mattress on one side to elevate it, and a couple times a day I’d run the shower on hot for a half hour and just sit in the steamy room with her. 

    Her pediatrician (her new one, who Jeremy took her to go see) said it was just a cold, so I stopped worrying about taking myself to my own doctor. I think I was actually worse than the baby. And because I am one of those lucky, rare people who has had mononucleosis more than once (in 2001 and in 2008), I was especially concerned after my symptoms lingered on past the first week. But alas, this cold was nothing like what I remember mono to be. 


    Last Friday, Jeremy and I had a real date night. It’s actually been quite a while since we had babysitters over at our house to watch Camila and put her to bed while we stayed out late. This time, Jeremy’s mom, his sister, and his niece all were over. Jeremy and I thought it was an excellent way for Camila to bond with her extended family members, and we were so grateful they made the drive up to help us. 

    So what did we do? Well, Jeremy’s friend presented an idea last year about creating a documentary about the food systems in Indianapolis, from urban farming and gardening to grocery stores and farmer’s markets, and how that affects the population and their health. He secured the funding, shot hours of footage, and edited it into a half hour piece that screened at the IMAX theater during the city’s first ever eco film festival. I loved all three films that were showcased and felt very inspired by each one in individual ways.

    Discussing ideas with Jeremy afterward is always a welcome treat. We drove to 317 Burger to pick up some burgers and fries and talk over what we had watched. 

    I also got to see Jeremy’s name roll in the credits :) He was asked to create the logo, move graphics, and animate a two minute section in the film. It was the first time I had ever seen his work on that large a screen (really, I’ve never seen his work outside our home computer or on local television commercials and billboards), and I was so proud. 

    Today (Tuesday) was the first warm day I have felt in Indiana since last fall. This time of year really brightens my spirit, with the yellows and violets of budding perennials and the blue skies that suddenly emerge from the greyness of everything. We found out Camila existed this time, two years ago. Spring is good.

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  5. babypeapod:

    Love how this suggests parenting differently for different types of children. Obvs there are heaps more than these types and lots of combos.
    Ari is a mix of fun loving social and determined. Just like me.
    What about yours?

    This made all too much sense to me. Not only in the types of behavior Camila presents with- she’s 50% social/fun-loving and 50% physical/determined- but in the ways her father and I parent.

    Jeremy is just as energetic and silly as Camila is, and she responds really well to that. She laughs all the time with him, and she even learns very well when he’s around. She naturally gravitates toward him and doesn’t get fussy nearly as often.

    I have had a lot of parenting issues arise, mostly in questioning if I’m “getting through” to her. She’s fussier around me, doesn’t seem to listen or acknowledge what I’m saying, and just doesn’t seem like she’s having as much fun. I think this chart describes what my problem is- it’s not that I’m not parenting well or that I’m boring, it’s that I’m not parenting in the style my daughter requires for her particular needs. 

    I’m gentle/emotional and intellectual (the same as my primary caregiver growing up, my dad), or the opposite styles of Camila. I am so glad she is who she is, with her big, noisy, imaginative, social personality. I wouldn’t change a thing about her, but I am now realizing that in order to meet her at where she’s at, I am going to have to change my approach toward her. 

    So I guess it’s time to have fun!

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